Cinderella celebriert Comedy

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English Theatre Year 9

On 20th May 1609 Shakespeare`s famous sonnets are first published in London. „Romeo & Juliet“ was the last play, performed by a Year 9 of the „Freie Comenius Schule“. This year another very interesting play premieres: „Cinderella“ Brother Grimm`s fairy tale.
Walt Disney has shown us the story with great humor and so we can expect about 90 Minutes of Adventure, Romance und Comedy.
These are the actors and actresses: Carlotta Sauermann, Constantin Menzel, Emma Beck, Jakob Seeberg, Juma Lomee Schütz, Katrina Lambart, Lilian Daum, Madeleine Sobe, Manuel Theissen, Max Habermann, Paul Böttcher, Pia Muschwitz & Tobias Dettmers.
Director is Birgit Manthey.

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